so depressed nao because I am the only one in my room in the office and I have to reply customers’ comments and I am not a CSO but my job requires me to be one but its really hard to be patient when I really am not sure what to reply and I have been trying to find a nice photo that conveys “winter wear / winter outfit / layering” for the past half hour ok bye. 

Green trees

Finally, alone cafe time!

Stumbled upon it on IG and since its in the East and it opened early enough, decided to go down before work. It was suchhhh a long walk since I didnt take the bus but somehow, so pretty? Located amongst the private houses, there were alot of trees and flowers and nice red mailboxes. I really enjoyed my walk in and thinking about JC stuff (since quite near what).

Reached Dutch Colony and loveee the place. Sat at the spot that I knew I wanted to sit. Ordered mocha and thai tea loaf. Actually wanted croissant but never order so .. maybe shld go back?! Hehe. Mocha was good and thai tea loaf as well! First time having a thai tea dessert.

Went to work and decided to eat lesser so had YTF late late lunch w/o noodles. It feels healthy and very detox. 

Okay, goodbye ~