Busy busy days.

Last week had yummy Kinkin with pris! Yay finally tried. I cant rmb the one in KL but this is good also leh. As long as there’s no queue! We met w jas dobird after and I hope our hol plans will rly come true.

Had another party in the office and all of us wore the designer’s most popular series hehe. I tried a cake pop too; so cute and easy to eat.

We were in JB on Sat. We finally had 鸭皇 and the duck is sooo good!! I dont rly like herbal stuff but this one makes me keep slurping the gravy up. The other dishes were okayish. We then had icecream at TIP. Liquid nitrogen icecream. Maybe cause it was made from scratch so tasted a lil softer? Sweeter? After that, coffee time at Faculty of Caffeine. I think I wld love to go back and try their brunch. Its so cheap!

B went to cut hair and bought a portable charger. But we were unhappy after that cause we could have gotten a better deal. So our mood went down. But maybe it got back up when we had dinz at Teck Sing. The paper wrapped herbal chicken super good! The meat was unbelievably soft and juicy. So glad we decided to eat sth different besides our usual food street.

Sunday, we discussed our Aussie stuff at Necessary Provisions. Ah its soo crowded there idk why also. Because not like the food is good? Or is it.

Ytd sat down w Zoe for damnn long having Sukiyaki. Very very thirsty after. But what a good conversation :)

Penang II

The next day we woke up bright and early!

1. Lor Mee This was good! It was located at such an ulu place. Kudos to Ben for finding it. I loved it. It wasnt disgusting sticky and was just nice. We spotted street art along the way and I was excited! We also went to see this temple but I think it was a waste of money. No need to go, I feel.

2. Went back to have Tiger Char Kweh Teow. Ooh it was nice but I think I still prefer our black kind of char kweh.

3. Walked somemore and had crispy or lua and beef noodles at the Firestation there. I love the or lua!

Thereafter we hopped to the Perenakan Musuem. There were a few couples taking wedding shots. Then we just explored the place .. Ok we are not really musuem go-ers haha.

4. Went to our cafe picks! Alley cafe and Mugshot. Actually I really waaanted to try cronut cause I didnt go try in ID and havent in SG! But Ben only ordered churros. Churros were good; satisfied my craving. At Mugshot, we shared yogurt but it was kinda okayish. We were really there just to take our mugshot at their designated wall.

5. Went to a 360deg rooftop bar and the view was AMAZING. Pictures didnt do the view any justice so no but Ben’s panaroma shots were nice. I loved the shot that we took tooo. Went to have dinz after that and thats the end of 2nd day!

End of 2nd week


Decided to take a flatlay of real work stuff and not just clothes. I went to Daiso today and picked up some frowers for us to use. I reached office at 12pm hehe but I had a late night okay. I left at only 8.30pm the prev night and they are really weekly occurrences.

It has been great so far. But crazy busy and it can be super exhausting.

I guess people think fashion is frivolous and how busy can it get?! Or how hard can social media be. But it is. I have to plan roughly 42 posts + 28 posts of content a week. Planning is not even content yet. I have to think of different captions, different ways to approach the item, different words, different different different. I “work” on weekends cause I am posting things and still trying to create my content.

Even though I could have possibly repeated this gazillion times, however busy or tiring or demanding, I am happy that it is something I love to think about. Because all these while, from university life to my time at PC, I didnt feel much “passion” or “interest” or “knowledge” of things and I had no “ideas”. And it really isnt a good feeling to not know what to say or give ideas. Who doesnt want to contribute and play a part etc.

For once I feel worthy. And I know what I want to pursue.

I really hope I am on the right track of things though …